The Kaiseki Table was designed for a new concept restaurant NYU, in the heart of the historical town of Oderzo, Italy, that serves food cooked on a Tepenyaki_

The interior of NYU needed to reflect its alternative cooking and eating experience while attracting a younger clientele. The space is laid out informally and the table is one of a range of modular elements that includes the Teppanyaki and mobile trolleys which join up with the table.

The table has been designed such that the surface becomes part of the meal experience. Modular metal elements slot into the central section of the table and can be changed very easily numerous times through the course of the meal itself. For example at the start the central element holds a shallow metal tray with a plant or flower arrangement to be followed and replaced by a tray full of condiments or a deeper container with a wine bottle. The two flexible elements on either side can be used as surfaces to put the food or turned over to allow more people to sit at the same table.

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