We strive to deliver projects with an awareness of space, by acknowledging movement, with an inherent patience for understanding a situation and, most importantly, listening to the heart of the subject.

Design is visible in all aspects of life, therefore there is no limit to how this may be represented or challenged. Whether it is refurbishments, conversions and new-build to bespoke furniture, events and fashion, we believe design has no boundaries.

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Transformation is a recurring theme in our work, and this relates to the idea of moving from one state to another. Sometimes a piece will look as though it is moving depending on where it is viewed from, or surface textures and methods of construction will suggest fluidity and kinetic action. Surprising elements of other pieces will move and will encourage people to interact with, and move with, the design.  Both the illusion and actuality of movement in design contribute to the sense of wonder and surprise – the way you use or perceive something is completely different to the way you would expect.

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For much of our production we source true independent craftsmen, who over generations have perfected a particular craft technique. This bygone artisan know-how and timeless quality is sensitively paired with latter-day advancements in technology, to turn ideas into reality.

Craft is about creating work with personality, where the handmade imperfection is the perfection and great care is taken to ensure every product is unique.

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Our work is an expression of creative skill and imagination combined to produce objects that you use, and spaces you inhabit, where the main aim is not of delivering beauty, but creating power and wonderment – a peculiar quality, distinct from surprise. Surprise is fleeting and it is a reaction to something, whereas wonderment stays with you.

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Collaboration is at the heart of every project and relationship we have. Not only do we work in a deeply collaborative way with the end user, we also rely on the expertise and experience of the craftspeople, production and management team. This elevates the projects to another level by bringing in different skills, but also different points of view and cultural references.

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