The focus of the wine tasting room project was to create a space devoted to sensory experience, that ensured a constant visual connection with the beautiful surrounding vineyard, via the existing gallery windows_


bottle display_

cantilever tables_

stone and corten counter_

The award winning Le Monde winery nestles between the sea and the hills of North East Italy, an area steeped in traditional wine culture. To enhance this connection two large tasting tables extend in line with the rows of vines that stretch as far as the eye can see outside.

The Tasting Tables: The pair of tables are solid 9 meter long walnut, divided through the middle to reveal an inner contrasting Corten core. The Corten zig-zags along the horizontal plane of the table, holding both sides together and forming an elevated end platform for use as a table when standing. The Corten also acts as an almost invisible support, creating the surprising illusion of huge ‘floating’ tables.

Bottle Display and Counter: At the front of the room sit the Subzero wine fridges and bottle display, created from both Corten and timber. The main counter sits in front of the wall display and functions as both kitchen and feature bottle display. The entire counter is solid stone with a Corten fascia that’s shaved at one front edge to present a laser cut map of the vineyard.

Lighting Feature: An award winning installation of cascading white LED tubes by Im lab and produced by Vibia . The installation is reminiscent of pouring wine, to create a connection between the staircase and the counter. Gently encouraging visitors through the space.  The light is a contrasting non-linear visual within the room, whilst emphasising the linear elements of the overall design throughout the concept.

The overall result is a room that’s at one with its surroundings and offers visitors a beautifully considered environment from which they can sample the award winning produce of this fine Italian winery.