Stumble Upon Sofa

Ordinarily, a ridge in a carpet would immediately be pulled straight. But not in this case. The imperfection is magnified until ridges are large enough to offer supportive curves that create a distinctly different seating structure, named the Stumble Upon Sofa.

The concept follows on from the same creative curiosity for ‘design disorder,’ expressed in the Stumble Upon Coffee Table, with its turned-up corner, which folds to a functional surface.

This accentuation of the normally unwanted undulations makes for playful visual twists, which in the case of the sofa, offer plentiful seating in a creatively uncompromising way. Beneath the ridges, the space serves as bookshelves or display area that can be viewed and accessed at the larger open end of the sofa.

The changing height and curvature of the sofa along with the length of its ridges provides upright seating positions at one end and comfortably informal lounging at the other.

‘Ordinarily a ridge in a carpet would immediately be pulled straight or be stood on to regain its flat purpose. But not in this case.’