The Cut re-configures - it surprises! It recognises the kitchen as a practical yet central space, a place to grab-and-go, a place to congregate and chat, a place to relax and dine. And it's designed to understand that each of these occasions present themselves daily in our fast modern lives_

Why should a Kitchen be fixed, immovable, permanent? Today’s kitchen is more often than not the ‘hub’ of the home,  right at its heart. Its importance has been elevated beyond just food preparation. Now it’s the place so many of us meet and probably have some of the most interesting conversations of our lives! The intention was to create a kitchen with strong personality, a sculptural piece that stands centre stage, to be seen and admired, to seduce, surprise and entertain, through its ability to adjust to use and desire.

The basis of the kitchen is a parallelepiped that’s been cut in two pieces. The two parts then rotate and fix into position to present configuration choice to suit the aesthetic of the space and user needs. A line cuts through the top block creating the slot for a table surface. This table can slide horizontally and rotate. The user can ultimately decide the final configuration of their kitchen.

With the The Cut there are two levels of flexibility, the first being set at the beginning by the customer, based on configuration preference, the second set daily at will, whereby the user can decide how to rotate or slide the table to suit use, or purely to create a change of appearance of shape and space. These two blocks contain storage and appliances. The cuts are accentuated by different materials, creating contrast between outer and inner skin when revealed.

Above the parallelepiped, the ceiling space becomes completely functional. A sequence of rhythmic profiles with inset LEDs create a changing configuration of elegant hanging space and incorporating units that gently slide down from the framework for use as both display and storage. Reminiscent of dancing piano keys, the ceiling system accentuates The Cut’s ability to play different tunes depending on use, mood and audience.