A predominately white space infused by a sea colour palette helps to animate the room with changing patterns of sunlight, creating a calm and pure environment_

This two-bedroom boutique apartment at the Edition, a prestigious oceanfront tower in Miami Beach, features a bespoke use of high-quality white leather and brushed white stained oak, matching the sleek and luxurious style of the building.

The social heart of the apartment begins in the living room with its floor-to-ceiling windows providing a breath-taking ocean view. A 5-meter long oak trunk has been specifically selected and then cut to create individual seats, bench and coffee table. The natural cracks of the timber that follows continuously through the different sections of the trunk have been skilfully filled with a layer of resin that accentuates the cuts, conceptually representing the merging of land and water.

The master bedroom has been designed with two aspects in mind: a private space in which to retreat, and a social lounge allowing guests to comfortably enjoy the Miami beach view.

The internal partition of the bedroom has been removed in order to create open space, and two sides of the room have been cladded with a rhythmical sequence of vertical brushed white stained oak panels to hide the wardrobe and the utility cabinet. These panels slowly dematerialise towards the terrace, revealing an inner core of horizontal shelves with hidden LED strips. During the darker hours, the light gradually emerges from the wall, creating a more dynamic environment.

The room becomes a stage with the central 4-meter long white leather clad bespoke platform, functioning as a bed but also as a lounge area strategically placed to give a perfect view over Miami Beach and Downtown.

The gradient tones of the sea have been transferred into a rhythmical sequence of aluminium bespoke profiles creating a bookshelf. On one side all the vertical parts are pure white, on the other side the colour gradually appears, playing with the perception and the ever changing impression according to the user movement within the space.

The bookshelf leads you into the second bedroom. This space was specifically designed to be able to have, in a very limited space, 4 beds for the youngest. The idea was to create a bedroom as pure as possible, without the bunk beds being obvious. The entire room has been cladded with white leather panelling, creating a soft inviting cocoon in which the kids can play and sleep. Cleverly located strip lights creates an atmosphere of calmness during the darker hours.

Photos by Kris Tamburello