The intention for this 'cutting of the cake ceremony', was to bring together the four elements, that in classical thought personify the parts of which all is created - air, fire, water and earth_

As the cutting of the cake has come to symbolise the first sharing of duty for Bride and Groom, this event was chosen and transformed from an ephemeral moment that ordinarily might leave little impression, to one of a beautiful spectacle that would live for as long as the day was remembered.

Coloured spotlights shone on dancers that moved like burning flames while suspended from the towers facade, as enchanting Soprano vocals echoed from the the tower top to the courtyard below. From this fire-like display, the spotlights darken. Then bright white light picks out the Bride and Groom as they make their way to an elegant long platform indicative of their future path together. This leads the way to a raised level that almost seems to hover above the water below. At the end of this platform stands the cake in minimalist majesty.

The Cake is a series of sleek elongated, rotating triangles, with larger triangles beneath created from a sculptured display of roses and hydrangeas. As the couple stand in position the spiralling triangular form gently embraces them.

The ‘cutting of the cake’ ceremony brought together architectural and product design integrity, discerning dance choreography and stunning lighting arrangement, to present a beautifully distinctive visual performance to be cherished by all!