Flow Sink is a sculptural piece, that takes inspiration from the natural path of water as it gently overflows and through time forges an eroded channel that reveals a contrasting core beneath_

Flow Sink takes its inspiration from the way in which water erodes and dissolves stone, forming deep flow rills.
A poetic analogy to that is the sink’s handle, that runs all the way down its length.
Its conical envelop is entirely made of aluminium, manually bent to follow the shape of the inner core and finished with a nanotechnology coating.
The envelop reveals only part of the stone. We tend to expose beauty and allow it to be seen. In this case the beauty of the interior is hidden preciously, awaiting for the curious to discover it.
When you open the door, you discover the intricate, carved, stone interior, designed digitally and excavated from a solid block of stone. The stone was 3d milled and finished by hand, with reference to a small 3d printed physical model.