cylindrical vase is made up of five individual pieces, designed in such a way that each vase fits into the next_

Each vase is lathed out of a single piece of steel, becoming a cylinder with an off centre circular opening on the top face. The diameters of these openings vary in order to accommodate the width of the next vase in the series, therefore allowing all the pieces to be inserted into one another.

Cylindrical Vase revels in its simple form, it’s highly polished top face contrasting against the brushed steel sides.

Whereas any other vase is positioned and left, Cylindrical Vases modularity encourages the user to arrange and rearrange the pieces regularly. The vases can be presented as either as a single cylindrical vase, a series of five individual pieces, or any number in-between to better suit the user. 

All images courtesy of Nick Rochowski Photography