Submitted as part of the Vauxhall ‘Missing link’ competition to rejuvenate an inner city area into a thriving outdoor hub, the proposal was to create an easily navigable colour coded network of different pedestrianised activity zones_

The primary green route weaves through all areas along which one can enjoy outdoor gardens, rain gardens and chance upon exotic gardens located in green house ‘Bio Pods’. The ‘Bio Pods’ are an opportunity to create an alternate exotic garden type in the middle of the city that will be equally desirable in summer and winter.

The Purple route (Sports) with the cycling and running track widens to occupy empty spaces, pavements and parks to allow for other sports activities like skateboarding, free running, children’s playground, tennis and badminton.

The Red route (Culture and commerce) links up the arches and the Albert Embankment, opening up the arches and the embankment to pop up markets, shops, cafes and more.

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